Kare'n'-4-Kidz Closed - God Bless

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Ojai Valley family home licensed infant care, child care provider. I partner with parents so that we have open communication regarding our expectations and we can anticipate and appreciate childrens behavior as they work through ages and stages. Reasonable approaches to discipline develop for each child as I work with parents to provide children with healthy limits. 

Kare’n’-4-Kidz Family Home Daycare, is a safe, loving environment, licensed by the State of California since 2004. With a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, emphasis is on Socio-Emotional education and Behavior. Children start as early as 6 weeks of age and stay until they are ready to move on. They are either scheduled and have a standing reservation or drop-in hourly or daily as needed when there is space. As one mom told me, "You're not an institution, you're a family."

  I promote learning through play. Children's behavior is guided using a child development approach to self-discipline. Curriculum reflects goals for cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development to help children in meeting age appropriate skills competence and mastery. Daily activities may include dramatic play, blocks, art, sand & water, books, music & outdoor play. 

  Closed as of Thanksgiving 2013.

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Change bikes - there are many to choose from.

Boys doing the dishes - cleaning the toys with a little Murphy's dish soap. Tip: 50/50 white vinegar/hydrogen peroxide is a great produce wash. Spray, wait, rinse. Also does a great job on dried milk, high chair trays, tables, mirrors, windows, clothing stains....try it but watch out for the bleaching effect!

So much fun to vacume and clean up the vacume hose, if you have imagination! Yay, fire chief in charge of stowing the equipment.

Holding hands at breakfast....so sweet!

Early nap