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Reviews from parents 

  • Cooper's mom, Kathleen Casey:
         "We found Karen-4-Kids by a stroke of luck for our 3 month son and couldn't have been happier. Our son was welcomed into this fun daycare family with open arms - it truly is a loving atmosphere, and we were able to tell by how well he thrived and enjoyed going to see his "other" family (and how he constantly talks about them)! Every day is an adventure: fun activities, new foods, and always some live music. We enthusiastically referred her to a number of our friends.
         Karen has great experience with raising well-adjusted, happy children, and I always felt grateful to have her as a resource to compare notes with, look to for guidance, and stay consistent with our approach with our son. I'm happy to answer any questions or serve as a reference for Karen's daycare."
  • Sam's mom, Rebecca Tello:
         "Kare'n-4-kids is a great place to send your children. She has a great head on her shoulders I have known her 12 years. Anyone interested in the Ojai Valley area should check out her new location and take advantage of her business."
  • Laurena Scott:
         "While I have never had my children officially in Karen's daycare, I have been fortunate to watch Karen interact with my kids, as well as many others, and have never failed to be impressed. I often turn to Karen for advice because she has TONS of wonderful tips and tricks on every area and issue of child care. It seems every time I'm around Karen for more than five minutes, I learn something new and useful. Watching Karen work her magic with children is always a treat."
  • Sophia's mom, EricaHallahan:
         "I knew that Karen was the right choice for us as soon as she opened her door. Her arms opened wide, wecoming my infant daughter immediately. The first thing that I appreciated was her straight-forward nature. She was always honest about what she felt was best for the children. Not only is she capable and well-educated, but she leads with her heart. She was compassionate with the children and families.
    She provided a consistent routine full of play, music, yummy healthy food, education, and social development activities. The children had all of their very individual physical and emotional needs met. 
    My daughter is now almost 6 years old and we still find reasons to go back and visit Miss Karen any chance we get! The true testimonial will be when it is time to pick up your child, they probably won't want to leave! (Send me a message if you would like more specifics. :) --Erica Hallahan, Teacher, Ventura"
  • Kira's mom, Nicole Crawford:
         "When we were looking for daycare, we visited several. Miss Karen's house was the obvious choice. Miss Karen has a deep love for children. It is apparent that she does not view her daycare as a business but rather as her dream job. She frequently declares, "I have the best job in the world!" and she means it with all her heart.
         My daughter has attended her daycare since she was 8 months old and has learned so much and grown tremendously My daughter is very clingy and usually wants no one but Mom but will gladly go to Miss Karen for hugs and cuddling. When I ask her if she is ready to go to Miss Karen's house, the answer is always "Yeah!" She does many music and singing activities and as a result, my daughter is always singing. She also provides a busy learning environment.
    When her Daddy goes to pick her up, she is usually having so much fun she doesn't want to leave! Miss Karen is also very capable of handling multiple children and tasks at once in a safe manner. It's nice to have no worries about my daughter's safety, security and happiness while I am at work."
  • Caitlyn & Nicole's mom, Rowena Buist
    "My girls are always happy when they know we are coming to Karen's home The atmosphere is alwasy so loving and welcoming. I feel secure in knowing I am leaving my girls with someone who sees them as her own."
  • Will & Drew's mom, Melody Linecker
    "As a parent of two young boys who has been with Karen Stookey for childcare since my four-year-old was born, I cannot praise her care highly enough.

    She has a down-to-earth practicality, works closely with parents to provide exactly the care the child needs, and makes a true home for the little ones. Really, though, it is a home for all involved, for often the parents will find themselves sitting down with one another and spending peaceful afternoons chatting and enjoying the welcoming environment Karen purposefully creates.

    Karen continually looks for ways to help the children grow and mature, exploring the world through sight, sound, and touch. The children have a comfortable routine that they understand. They learn positive social interaction, potty training, hygiene, and letters/numbers in creative ways, along with many other skills.

    Quite honestly, Karen has become an early-childhood guru for me and a number of other parents. I know many in Ojai will find her the same. Check her out!"